Amana Tourism Services client experience

Amana Tourism Services client experience

With this new website, Amana is taking its services to the next level, making it convenient and safe for travellers to find online information and book their trip to the Middle East.

The website was build by Globally Cool, an international online marketing and web development company specialized in the tourism industry and also partnered up with . By combining the experience and skills of Globally Cool with the local knowledge of Amana, the website has become fully optimized for convenient and complete online use by customers.

Cultural jamboree

The setting of the ancient Graeco-Roman City provides an unforgettable backdrop to this cultural jamboree, with brilliant floodlights dramatically highlighting the colonnaded streets, public plazas, temple precincts, Byzantine churches, theatres, and other ancient monuments.Are you interested in theatre and performance? Then the Jerash Festival might be the thing for you! It usually takes place during the end of July and beginning of August. Among the activities you can watch are singers, musical and folklore troupes, poetry readings, symphony orchestras, ballet, Shakespearean theatre, handicrafts, and art shows.

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