Hamammat Ma’in

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When you visit the Dead Sea, you should also take advantage of nearby wonder Hammamat Ma’in (Ma’in Hot Springs). Hammamat Ma’in is reached by one of the windiest roads in the country, between Madaba and the Dead Sea. Enjoy the natural hot spring waterfalls, popular with locals and tourists alike.


Hammamat Ma’in is located 60 km (37 mi) southwest of Jordan’s capital city Amman.


Hammamat Ma’in is located 264m (866 ft) below sea level in one of the most breathtaking desert oases in the world. Thousands of bathers visit each year to enjoy the mineral-rich waters of these hyper-thermal waterfalls. These falls originate from winter rainfalls in the highland plains of Jordan and eventually feed the 109 hot and cold springs in the valley. The water of the Ma’in Hot Springs is heated to temperatures of up to 63° C by underground lava fissures, as it makes its way through the valley before emptying into the Zarqa River.

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